How volunteering can help you get a job

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Olena Nguyen Leadership Victoria Alumni & Study Melbourne Ambassador

Olena Nguyen is currently a Study Melbourne Ambassador studying Bachelor of Social Work at Victoria University. She has been actively getting involved in different organisations and taking various leadership as well as volunteering roles to build up social connections and professional networks. Olena believes that the best way to make yourself grow is to embrace the pain and keep yourself resilient.

Wallace Huang Community Organiser, Migrant Workers Centre

Wallace is a community organiser working at the Migrant Workers Centre. He has been active in causes protecting workers’ rights for some years and is passionate about social justice. A second-generation Chinese Australian, Wallace is also close to completing a Bachelor of Law/Arts at Monash University, majoring in Chinese and Politics.

Event Details

We know the importance of volunteering in pursuing our career goals and some of us have been doing it.

Do you know how to truly leverage volunteering experience to help you get an industry related job?

Join the session to learn:

  • How to identify the right types of volunteering opportunities for yourself
  • How to gain the most out of volunteering that you are doing
  • How to leverage volunteering to get your industry related job

Furthermore, our guest speaker Wallace Huang from the Migrant Workers Centre will discuss with you about your work rights in Australia.

Date and Time: Friday, 16th November 2018, 2 - 4pm

Venue: Study Melbourne Student Centre

Address: 17 hardware lane, Melbourne VIC

We have limited seats so get in fast!


Silva Wei Co-founder, Hoodic

Silva was originally an international student from China. He has been in Australia for more than 10 years gaining various professional experiences in IT, education and business. Volunteering has been helping him achieve many professional goals. He would like to share some insights about how volunteering can you achieve your goals.

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