Impress employers with your communication skills

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Effective communication plays a crucial role in any workplace.

Many young professionals who have just entered the workforce find it difficult to be understood by others they deal with.

With some tips, you will be able to convey your idea more effectively at work.

Join our upcoming Insight Session to:

  • Understand the most common challenges in spoken workplace communication
  • Learn when to adjust your communication style to help you be better understood
  • Understand the most common reasons why people might not understand what you’re saying

Date and Time: Thursday, 19th March 2020, 5:30 - 7pm


We have moved this Insight Session from a physical event to an online webinar due to the current outbreak of COVID 19.

Please click below button to register and we will send you the webinar link before it starts.


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Stella Su Graduate Rail Engineer

As a young professional who entered the industry recently, Stella is passionate about applying existing skill sets into projects for positive impact to society. Determined to improve her performance always and interested to learn from successful people, always thrilled to look for ways that enhance productivity, adding values, and earning trust through effective communication at work.

Silva Wei Co-founder, Hoodic

As a professional migrant, Silva needed to quickly learn what productivity actually meant when starting work as a professional in Australia. He has continued to develop expertise in understanding how members of a multicultural workforce can become confident being themselves while still working effectively as a member of a team.