Increase in these skills being required by Australian employers between 2012 and 2015[1].

  • Critical thinking:  158%
  • Creativity:  65%
  • Organisational skills:  44%
  • Presentation skills:  25%
  • Problem solving:  26%

Communication Skills

You will develop your communication skills. The most important skills for 48% of graduate employers[2].


You will gain leadership skills and qualities to stand out from the crowd, which 44% of managers agree graduates don’t have[3].


Many opportunities are created by professional networking. You will access a network of industry, Australian businesses and your peers.

Average income difference for early-career jobs with and without these skills[4].

  • Creativity: $3,129
  • Problem solving & critical thinking: $7,745
  • Presentation skills: $8,853
We’ve developed a brand new program being offered exclusively to international students.
It’s designed to challenge and push you outside your comfort zone into a place where you can grow into a powerful communicator and leader.
This program will allow you to stand out as an example of success to your peers so that you can feel confident, proud and they can be inspired by what’s possible.
Communication Stream

A half day workshop to:

  • Enhance your learning through group discussions, activities, challenges, Q&A, briefing and reflection.
  • Teach you the formality of your language and how to communicate in a professional environment.
  • Learn how to influence your peers perception of you, verbally and non-verbally.
  • Understand how to run and be apart of productive meetings.
  • Discover the power of questions.

Communication workshop

  • Understanding formality of language
  • Using listening to create empathy
  • Getting the best from the people you work with
  • How to communicate with humility
  • Understanding one of the most difficult things in communication
  • Using body language effectively
  • The power of questions
  • Opportunities to practice what you've learned

  • Learn how Australian culture and language is used in professional situations.

  • Gain confidence speaking with Australian professionals and businesses.

  • Learn what businesses want from their employees, especially international graduate employees.

Leadership Stream

Leadership project which is conducted across 5 half day workshops where you will build upon your knowledge from the communication stream, by:

  • Pitching
    • Apply your communications skills.
    • Learn how to represent and justify your ideas to gain support.
  • Discovery
    • Connect you with the local businesses in different industry sectors.
    • Work with and interview real businesses to learn how to achieve professional success.
  • Analysis
    • Identify issues that appear in professional environments.
    • Analyse business interviews to find common issues.
  • Collaboration
    • Work with peers from different professions.
    • Reflect and further your knowledge of teamwork and common issues.
  • Sharing
    • Teach you how to teach and become an effective facilitator.
    • Gain the confidence to share your opinion and insight.

  • Pitching workshop
    • Why pitching is important
    • How to pitch and pitching template
    • Come up with your own pitch
    • How to develop a call to action
    • Pitching practice
  • Discovery workshop
    • Grouping for industry sectors
    • How to get the best insights from businesses
    • Prepare for discussion with businesses
    • How to demonstrate a hungry mind with humility
    • Reverse interview practice
  • Analysis workshop
    • Outline the insights from businesses you’ve interviewed
    • Reflect on any surprises and what that means for you
    • Identifying and understanding similarities and differences from businesses
    • Using critical thinking to better understand businesses
    • How to turn information into useful knowledge
    • Identify what actions to take based on your gained knowledge
  • Collaboration workshop
    • Why learn about other industries that aren’t your own?
    • How do challenge others’ thinking and allow your own to be challenged
    • Learn how disagreement can be constructive and respectful
    • Identify common patterns that are coming back from the businesses
    • How to work more effectively with people from other professions
  • Sharing workshop
    • Developing your presentation skills based on your own personal style
    • How to facilitate engaging group discussions
    • Develop your own session to share in the conference
    • Practice in the leaders group
    • How use constructive feedback and improve from it
  • Other collaborative activities
    • Online collaboration
    • Learning support
    • Private Facebook group

  • Develop the confidence to engage directly with Australian business owners.

  • Understand what those businesses think the keys to success are.

  • Develop your ability to influence business decision makers.

Peer Learning Conference

Participate in:

  • Keynotes
    • Gain key insights from Victorian government and business leaders.
    • Learn new perspectives about career development.
  • Workshops, run by student leaders and supported industry professionals
    • Learn about Victorian businesses.
    • Career implications for international students.
  • Networking sessions
    • Meet others through speed networking sessions.
    • Practice quickly developing relationships with completely new people.

Agenda of the day:

  • Breakfast
  • Welcome & Opening
  • Keynotes
  • Morning tea break
  • Workshops - part 1
  • Lunch
  • Workshops - part 2
  • Professional networking
  • Afternoon tea break
  • Panel Discussion 
  • Conference closing

*Detailed agenda will be ready early 2018.

  • Celebrate what international students are capable of.

  • Gain valuable new connections which will give you a job seeking advantage.

  • Learn the key insights your peers think you should know in order to succeed in Australia.

How We Measure The Outcome

We will use the Peer Camp Self Assessment Tool to identify the skills that you think are most important, which will help you compare that to what is actually required by employers.
At the end of your participation in the program, you will receive a report on how your knowledge has developed in line with of the most important skills employers require. This will help you better understand your professional journey so you can take the necessary actions to succeed.

Program Schedule


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Danielle Storey CEO, Eastern Innovation Business Centre

"Stephen and Silva are incredibly dynamic and passionate about their idea and we are just delighted that our partnership has been so successful."

Chintan Pathak President, Deakin Graduate Business Society

“This leadership program is an amazing initiative for international students and will give them more confidence to deal with potential employers in Australia.”

Candy Tong President, Australian Federation of International Students

"This comprehensive and structured program would surely help International Students speak their minds and stand out among their peers. Its schedule is also flexible, just exactly what students need!"

Dr Jeff Chamberlain Director Industry Engagement, Dept. of Management, Deakin Business School, Deakin University

“Peer Camp's authentic and industry embedded program helps international students to conceptualise the essential contexts they need to successfully embrace and create jobs of the future.”

Partners and Supporters

Prices Reduced For This Year Only

We have designed this program to leave long lasting benefits on the careers of you and future participants. This is a measurement based and outcome focused program that will allow you to dramatically improve your employability.

EIBC and Peer Camp have collaborated to support and significantly reduce the prices of a high quality, and normally costly program to increase your benefits for this year only.

Are You Ready To Lead?

Communication Stream
(Normally $120)

Communication skills workshop with activity & discussion based learning

Learning follow-up report and action plan from mentors


Certificate of completion

Peer Learning Conference
(Normally $150)


Professional development activities

Fun activities and celebration

Professional networking

Fully catering function

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate after the program?
Will the program’s schedule clash with my university timetable or work?