People We Help

Individuals who undertake a university or vocational education and to have secured themselves industry relevant work by the time they have graduated.

  • We help individuals get industry related jobs

Institutions who need to be able to show value to their students for the education provided by ensuring that students connect with genuine professional opportunity as quickly as possible.

  • We help institutions deliver better employment outcomes for their students

Businesses who wish to grow their organisation, be confident that new team members can be identified quickly and these individuals will be as productive as possible while being cost effective.

  • We help businesses build a productive team

Meet Our Team

Silva Wei


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As a past international student, Silva's experience in understanding a new and changing workforce has given him important first hand experience of what many students and graduates face at the beginning of their careers.

Stephen Zuluaga

Stephen Zuluaga


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Stephen believes there is no such thing as a "standard path" taken by modern professionals. Studying marketing then pursuing an IT consulting career has taught him first hand how to identify then apply the value of one skill set into a range of totally different professions.

Raymond Tran

Leadership Facilitator

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Raymond has spent his career challenging himself, while he's studied technology, he's also spent a lot of time in leadership and facilitation roles and is a dynamic professional that breaks with convention.

Stacey Zuluaga

Business Advisor

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Stacey is an accountant with a business consulting background, mentor, voice and support for professional women. She has first hand experience defying challenge and knows what that looks like across all levels of an organisation.

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