Helping create inspired careers within productive workforces

At Hoodic, we help businesses develop the workforce engagement and culture they need to grow their business. We help young professionals advance themselves within their field and become more effective and successful in what they want to do.

People We Work With

Individuals who undertake a university or vocational education and need to have secured themselves industry relevant work by the time they have graduated.

Institutions who need to be able to show value to students for the education provided by ensuring that students connect with genuine professional employment opportunity.

Businesses who need to find and retain good people that will become productive and find themselves as quickly as possible.

Meet Our Team

Silva Wei


As a professional migrant, Silva needed to quickly learn what productivity actually meant when starting work as a professional in Australia. He has continued to develop expertise in understanding how members of a multicultural workforce can become confident being themselves while still working effectively as a member of a team.

Stephen Zuluaga


With almost two decades of experience in IT engineering and consulting, Stephen developed his experience understanding how technology and organisational change and can contribute towards productivity outcomes. He has continued to develop his understanding of how technological and environmental change impacts organisations and their operational environments.

Stacey Zuluaga

Finance Manager

Stacey has accumulated almost 15 years of experience in public practice, tax and accounting. She’s understood the impact that appropriate financial knowledge and management can have upon an organisation. Her own journey includes mentorship, lending her voice and experience in support of professional women.

Melody Yang
Melody Yang

Admin Manager

Melody believes in the value of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. She shows leadership in this value by always trying to work outside her own. Her expertise in careful planning and organisation have been developed across a range of industries.

Raymond Tran

Leadership Facilitator

As an IT graduate, Raymond has learned first hand how important it is to develop a skill set which goes beyond his initial discipline. He has developed and honed his ability to inspire and teach young professionals of any discipline, in the skills they will need to succeed and be productive.

Blake Wu

Careers Facilitator

Blake loves adventure, and enjoys that her career allows her to support others to grow and learn. Her IT background and passion for supporting women professionally gives her a unique perspective on what it means to be a young professional now and in the future.

Mia Tran

Event Facilitator

Mia is passionate about supporting women in STEM and is driven by professional growth. She loves exploring culture and connection with people from different backgrounds. As an international student, Mia understands the challenges and is keen to help others make the most of their abilities.

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