Challenges with recruitment

Recruiters often have limited exposure to a candidates' actual professional performance. Views are based on a limited set of interviews, phone calls and candidate-selected referees.

  • It's easy to identify the right technical skills amongst candidates.

  • Finding and validating the right attributes is more difficult.

Recruiting for retention

Focus on the candidate's potential for retention before and after placement is often under serviced, or completely overlooked.

  • Understanding how individuals deal with customers, productivity, deadlines and teamwork is critical.

  • This helps you know your organisation is growing with the right people.

A different and better type of recruiting

Hoodic's work with candidates starts in a structured program to help them add genuine value as a professional in their field.

  • We have gained an understanding of candidates through working with, training and challenging them.

  • We have had the chance to watch and observe how they handle common professional challenges.

Helping you be more confident, more quickly

Working with candidates prior to employment allows us to identify how these individuals handle common professional challenges.

  • You have the opportunity to better understand underlying motivations and potential of these candidates so you can make a more confident assessment of whether you want a particular individual in your team.

Reducing the risk of cultural mismatch

Given the importance of the right cultural fit, we will first seek to understand what attributes you are looking for in a team member.

  • Once you feel we understand what the right cultural fit for your team looks like, we can help you validate and be confident that any candidates you are considering are the right fit.

Our unique background

Our directors have backgrounds in professional services, supporting internal and external customers.

  • Having also taught in TAFE and university environments places us in a position where we can readily identify the most effective ways to engage individuals in career related learning.

Need a different approach?

With our unique combination of experience, we have a proven ability to support young professionals in making the improvements which enable them to increase the value they can contribute to your team.

  • If you'd like to learn more about our approach to recruitment and retention, please get in contact to arrange a no obligation chat to discuss your situation.