Getting growth of your business right

Having the right kind of talent accessible to your business in a way that's appropriate to your organisation is critical to enabling it to grow.

With the right kind of engagement with your company's objectives, the time taken for new team members to add value can also be dramatically shortened.

Finding the right people

Hoodic has educated and supported hundreds of the most motivated young professionals as they have entered into a wide range of professional industries across Australia.

Our unique education and consulting processes allow us to confidently understand and identify the individuals which will best suit the teams you're trying to develop.

Removing guesswork from the hiring process

  • A quiet and calm interview room is isolated from the reality of where and how a difficult customer situation would need to be handled.
  • Getting rid of the wrong person can be expensive, stressful and demoralising.
  • Workplace conventions and laws often make the idea of trying out someone before you commit long term, difficult or impractical.

Our processes are fundamentally structured around supporting retention and ongoing engagement of hired staff.


We have spent time educating and understanding candidates, we use this insight to help you understand what retention for them will involve.

Cultural fit

Candidates we've worked with that we'd endorse have all shown a strong willingness to understand and find their place within an organisation's culture.

Workforce engagement

Through our structured education program, we've spent time understanding how to best engage and motivate candidates to engage passionately with their career.

Helping your organisation be the most attractive it can be

It's not only customers which you need to attract to your organisation for success, but the best and most motivated workers.
Once these workers have been attracted, they need to discover the ongoing value of working in an organisation like yours in order to see the value of staying.

Helping identify contributors to turnover

Often in the day to day of running a business, it can be hard to maintain a clear and objective view of what your staff experience is like. It's also common for departing staff to provide a departure reason which doesn't fully enable management to identify what needs to be improved to improve retention.

We can help you identify the factors that may be contributing towards the current turnover levels you are facing and help you reduce them.

Here are rewarding careers

It can be challenging to identify the numerous things which keep each employee motivated to stay and grow with your organisation.

The best time to provide a focus on career rewards for a team member is at the beginning of their time working in your organisation. We use our existing knowledge of newly recruited staff, in conjunction with a coaching program provided for them to ensure that you have a good and validated understanding of the factors which will likely contribute towards their ongoing motivation and ultimately long term retention.

Helping people understand why they’re being hired

Our goal is to help you find and retain staff that want to develop their careers alongside your business. Ultimately, if they can help you increase your productivity, that outcome is likely.

We aim to help the people we have educated and placed to have a realistic understanding of what is expected of a developing professional.

We have worked with numerous university and TAFE institutions and their students which has given us a strong understanding of how to most effectively convey the actual reality of what businesses require from young professionals.

How we can help your business

We offer a range of solutions which can help you develop the engaged workforce you need to help your business succeed in what it’s doing now, as well as into the future.

If you’d like to book an obligation free discussion with us to understand how we can assist you, please feel free to give us a call or open up the online chat on this page and send us a message.