Getting the growth of your business right

  • Growing your business requires the right people, processes and systems in place. It can require the investment of a lot of time, effort and money.
  • People in your business are an investment, so need to be adding value.
  • The right or wrong investment can make a significant impact upon your organisation.

As an organisation focused upon people, at Hoodic we are keenly aware of the impact that people can have upon growth and productivity.

Finding the right people

We understand finding the right people you can be confident to invest in, can be a great challenge. A person’s potential to help you grow your business needs to be clear.

The choice between desiring more and less experience in your workers can be difficult, each provides its own advantage and disadvantage.

  • People early in their careers might be easier to influence, but they can be harder to get productivity from
  • People more established in their careers can be more productive sooner, but cost more and might be less flexible
  • Striking the right balance can be difficult


  • Identifying the right approach to get the most from a new hire, without having too much impact on your existing team, can be challenging.
  • It’s challenging to understand the underlying motivations of a new team member until after some time.
  • Retention is an important consideration when hiring staff, but it can be difficult to proactively cater for when creating or replacing a role.

Cultural fit

  • Cultural fit impacts retention.
  • It’s difficult to accurately assess cultural fit in job interviews when considering a new hire.

Sometimes you and your leadership peers may want to change your organisation’s culture, in which case cultural fit would not be your goal.

Workplace conventions and laws often make the idea of trying out someone before you commit long term, difficult or impractical.

Getting hiring decisions right

Validating representations made by someone about their skills or ability to perform in certain situations represents a significant challenge.

  • A quiet and calm interview room is isolated from the emotional reality of where and how a customer disaster would need to be handled.
  • Getting rid of the wrong person can be expensive, stressful and demoralising.

It’s sometimes an unfortunate matter of guesswork and it would be far better if the unpredictability of this could be reduced.

Workforce engagement

  • A team member’s engagement within your organisation will greatly impact their perception of their role as “just a job” or a career opportunity they are passionate about.
  • Understanding motivation and the non-monetary value your workers get from their jobs and your organisation is a major factor which will impact the level of commitment they will develop.

Maximising your organisation’s appeal

Attracting the best

  • To attract the best people to your organisation, you need to understand what appeals to them.
  • The competition amongst organisations to be the most attractive place to work is often not understood.
  • It can be difficult to find the individuals that are best suited to your organisation and understand how to appeal to their career motives.
  • Prospective workers may not be aware of the rewarding opportunities that your organisation can offer them because of the noise created by “sexier looking” career opportunities.

“If only they knew”

Widely held perceptions of a particular industry or sector are often perpetuated by those outside it. This can result in potential entrants overlooking the opportunities an industry or organisation can offer.

  • A good example of industry outsider ignorance can be seen in manufacturing in Australia.
  • It is somehow assumed amongst graduates to be declining.
  • In reality the sector faces amazing opportunities to make change and help the region lead the world in advanced manufacturing process and product.

Hoodic’s approach is informed by practice

We prepare young professionals with the soft skills that businesses need from their workers, we do this with a focus on practical training exercises and activities.

  • This training does not happen in a classroom, but in the real world with real professionals who work in real organisations.
  • In these learning activities, things go wrong, just like they do in the real world. We support these young professionals to solve these problems themselves, we never provide the answer or the fix to them.

Helping people understand why they’re being hired

Ultimately a person is hired because they are seen to be able to increase the productivity of an organisation. The outcome we seek is that the people we educate have a realistic understanding of what is expected of a professional.

  • We have worked with numerous university and TAFE institutions and their students. This has given us the ability to understand how to most effectively convey the actual reality of what businesses expect from graduates.
  • We are constantly in discussions with businesses, refining our understanding of what they need from their new hires.

Teaching the future workforce to understand reality

While the education system has a role to play, it is far from the perfect career preparation place it is often seen as. There are many cases where academic experts have in fact contributed to a misalignment between what skills graduates think they need and what businesses actually need. We target these misunderstandings with facts and reality.

  • We have a unique validation and education process were we help these young professionals understand how they can make the most valuable contributions towards the teams they are in.

Helping young people understand productivity

We help young professionals understand they need to be productive if they want to be hired or promoted.

  • We encourage them to search for the work they will love doing, but help them plainly understand that not every day at work will be fun or easy.
  • We help them understand that success in anything is earned through commitment, not deserved.

Understanding success

We firmly challenge and weed out entitlement because it has no place in the professional world.

  • Our work with young professionals had helped us develop a deep understanding of what kind of work environments and opportunities appeal to them.
  • We use this understanding to help you maximise the appeal that your organisation can have to the kind of people you want in your teams.

How we can help your business

We offer a range of solutions which can help you develop the engaged workforce you need to help your business succeed in what it’s doing now, as well as into the future.

If you’d like to book an obligation free discussion with us to understand how we can assist you, please feel free to give us a call or open up the online chat on this page and send us a message.