Traditional Approach is Transactional

Traditional recruitment has its focus with a position description and generally concludes at the probation period. Everything from that point is yours to work out.

Limited Understanding
You understand your organisation better than outsiders
Short term Focus
Success measures are often limited to meeting probation
Team Dynamic Overlooked
A basic requirements meeting can’t uncover critical aspects of your team dynamic
A “good” match is based on a percentage of matching key words between a job description and CV

Our Modern Approach is to Attract and Retain

Modern recruitment starts with developing an understanding of your team, proceeds with introductions, then continues with support to help develop a means for the recruit to develop job satisfaction and effective working relationships within your team.

Focus on team dynamics
Recruiting should be done with your existing team dynamic in mind
Ongoing Support
You’re provided support to help your new team member develop engagement and confidence in their new job
Validated Candidates
Evidence based views about candidate attributes and potential suitability
Qualitative factors are taken seriously
We are acutely aware of the importance of personality attributes which can’t be measured with basic technical knowledge questions

Our Process

We have developed a process which is designed to help you showcase your organisation as an attractive team to be part of while also conveying the most important attributes and skills you need to have filled by a new hire.

Once the new hire is recruited into your team, we’ll be there to support you and the new team member in building up an effective working relationship so that they can be, and completely feel like a key member of the organisation. We place a focus on retention immediately at the start of their tenure because this is when there is the highest chance of turnover.

Role Analysis

We help you define a unique role description based on the most important priorities within your team. Not constrained by available job titles.


Candidates have been pre validated through their completion of a program which specifically targets professionalism skills and attributes.

Retention Coaching

If hired, you and the new hire are supported to help develop and maintain levels of engagement so that a strong foundation for retention can be created.

Our Candidates

A Hoodic candidate is not just any job candidate, they have been students through one of professional education programs. This allows us to develop a level of understanding nowhere near possible under normal external recruitment circumstances.

Candidates have all been put through a range of professional challenges which have contributed towards their professional knowledge and allowed us to see the focus and attitude they show during such situations.

Unlike normal recruiting, it’s very difficult for our candidates to put up a façade where they may show the interviewer what they want to see but potentially hide the reality.

Due to our program, our candidates are more likely to know how to handle professional challenges in your business, especially at the early stages of their tenure, where a lack of this stands out and can be problematic for you or your customers.

If you’d like to understand more about how our unique approach can help you take the guesswork out of hiring new staff, please make contact with us in the form below.