Making successful job applications

Jenny Wang is the average recently graduated international student. She made numerous job applications, and faced a lot of job rejection through that process. She also learned the most important thing about successful job applications. Jenny studied a Masters of … Read More

Put your communication skills to the test

Communication skills are vital to our daily lives, but we can often take them for granted. It comes in many different forms, however the most basic and commonly used form of communication is verbal communication. Verbal communication helps other people … Read More

Are you ready for a career job?

If you answered yes, great, you’re confident about your career and you’ll need to be. Does an employer also think you’re ready? Because if they don’t think you’re ready and choose not to hire you, you’re not ready. This might … Read More

Why aren’t you getting interviews?

If you’ve worked hard on your studies, achieved good grades, you might feel you’ve been building yourself up enough to be able to get an industry job. It can be harder than you expect to even get an interview, let … Read More

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