Is your career safe from automation?

Imagine yourself ten years ago believing that we’re on the edge of having driverless cars on the roads, and that we already have robot trains? It might not seem amazing right now, but sometimes we need to think back to … Read More

How Critical Thinking helps your career

Critical thinking is a skill that jobs of the future are calling for. A job of the future is one where there is increased demand, as opposed to jobs of the past which are facing reduced demand. Based on an … Read More

You don’t need to be a manager to lead

Should you try to get the most out of the people you work with if you’re not the manager? Whether you’ve been given authority on the team or not, simply taking initiative within the team to help it get it’s … Read More

How Job Rejection Can Help Get You Your Dream Job

Imagine after studying (and maybe partying) hard throughout your time at university, you graduate from your degree only to discover constant job rejection? This might not be something you really want to be thinking about, but there are two ways … Read More

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