Are you tired of so many barriers while job hunting?

Maybe you're familiar with these:

Do you want a job related to your career here in Victoria?

We want to share how our international students have succeeded:
  • They have more job opportunities and with exciting organisations
  • Employers are becoming more interested in interviewing (and hiring) them
  • They are creating financial freedom for themselves
  • They have more choice
  • They are living their Australian dream

These people are making their Australian dream come true, you can too

The journey you're on to develop and grow your career is important.

  • Challenges in finding a job can be huge.
  • International students face some of the largest career challenges amongst all students.

We have been running Learn Lead Thrive, a highly successful leadership program for international students.

  • They have undergone some amazing personal transformations.
  • Confidence and abilities in job applications have grown significantly.
  • Learned how to highlight the unique advantages they, as international students offer.

Now they're ready for their next goal, to share that with you.

Saturday 24th February is your opportunity to learn how to:

Turn being an international student to your advantage
Open doors to the best opportunities
Prove the value of your experience
Save time job hunting
Make employers want to hire you
Remove the “No PR” barrier

Conference Opening

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Angela Yao Senior Project Officer, International Education, Study Melbourne

Angela is passionate about supporting international students to become young leaders in the places they live in. As a young leader working across a range of organisations in Australia, Angela knows first hand the value of making the biggest impact you can make where you live and work.

Working at both private and public sector for international business and education, Angela gets to see first hand the important contribution of international students to Victoria and Australia. In all she does, she wants to continue to support the potential that international students have.


Our keynote speakers both have very different backgrounds.
They share a passion for supporting international students to get the most out of an education and career in Australia.
Joslyn Ma Founder | Victorian Student of the Year - Internationalisation | New Colombo Plan Scholar

Born in Hong Kong, Joslyn is passionate about start-ups & entrepreneurship, social enterprises, tech & innovation, cybersecurity and cultural literacy and has committed herself to creating a positive impact in this world (big and small).

Having studied and worked domestically and internationally, Joslyn is well aware of the value of using opportunities around her to build up her leadership skills and influence. She has also mentored many students and young professionals in support of their pursuits.

Joslyn hopes to become an international lawyer and entrepreneur in the future with a goal to help others grow and learn.

Stephen Manallack Advisory Board Member, India Research Centre | Director, EastWest Academy

As a local from Melbourne, Stephen is passionate about the roles played by international students and professionals in Australia. His journalism and Public Relations backgrounds have helped him identify the most important things that organisations and professionals need to understand in order to communicate their value and uniqueness effectively in the public.

He is dedicated to supporting international business between organisations and professionals, he's been involved in Australia-India business relations for over seven years.

Stephen uses his local perspectives and connections to help build stronger economic relations between Australia and other countries. He also regularly shares his insights as guest lecturer at some of the most innovative universities in Australia and India.

Panel Discussion

We've assembled a group of diverse and expert panellists to bring you a unique mix of experience and insights.
Stacey Zuluaga Client Services Manager, Seiva Accountants

Stacey is passionate about quality and helping develop a team culture which does her organisation and customers proud. She began her career in more technical aspects of accounting, but it didn't take long for her communication skills to be noticed and be utilised to help deliver even more customer value within her team. Stacey has always worked in diverse teams, and being part of an industry which is undergoing a lot of change about the traditional views on what value an accountant adds, she's very aware of the need to be constantly adaptable.

Increasingly Stacey is involved in supporting young accounting professionals develop themselves in their careers, this is especially so for women who might face certain challenges in regards to traditional views about work life balance.

Sandra McKechnie Director, Whittlesea Tech School

Sandra is passionate about transforming education practices that engage and inspire our young people to realise their potential. Sandra is a transformational leader who leads by example and seeks to change existing practices for better results and the greater good. Sandra has over 20 years of experience across the education sector and as a biotechnologist in various leadership roles.

She believes STEM fields must absolutely embrace and stand for innovation. This is not just through the clever inventions that are developed in laboratories and workshops, but through the cultural changes and practices that organisations inside and outside STEM adopt in order to actually incorporate these innovations to make the world a better and smarter place.

Nina Christian Founder & Lead Marketer, Braveda | Co-Founder, EntreprenHer

Nina has run her own marketing company for 17 years, she is passionate about young adults developing the confidence in starting their own businesses, and committed to supporting young women in this. As a marketer and founder of several successful organisations, Nina has deep insight into how marketing can enable young adults to stand out to prospective employers.

While ideas are important they don't come to life on their own. They need to be well-executed in order to flourish. Nina is a firm believer in the importance of developing sound strategy, valuable connections, and empowering teams to see a vision realised.

Dale Crossman Program Manager, Sustainable Urban Precincts Program, RMIT University

Dale uses his engineering background and years spent working in technology environments to help guide him in his current passion, environmentally sustainable engineering.

He believes that it's of the utmost importance that young professionals develop a clear idea of their personal values and how that should influence the way their approach their careers. In Dale's roles as project and program manager, he is very aware of the challenges and ongoing importance of identifying how technology can be implemented in a way that contributes towards a better world for our generation and generations to come.

Manorani Guy President (VIC TAS), ISANA - International Education Association

Mano has spent her entire career working with and supporting international students in many diverse ways. She has a deep passion for all aspects of international education and during her spare time volunteers for the International Student Advisers’ Network of Australia (ISANA) a non-profit organisation, she is also the Victorian/Tasmanian president.

A master at collaboration with all people in any field, she has learned to truly harness the power of working in and amongst diverse groups throughout her career.

The Whisktakers Co-founders

Gavin, Chin and Tracy

Are you a Whisktaker?

If you want to be in control of your own job searching situation, you need to know how to understand and take risks.

  • You'll learn the story of how a group of international students, all studying completely different things decided to take the plunge and start their own business.
  • Learn how some of the most important job skills came to them from the most unexpected situations.
  • The fun and challenges they've had along the way are incredible.

Do you know how running a bakery business can help make you a better IT professional? Gavin does. He and his co-founders of The Whisktakers will share this and many other invaluable insights in a specially developed workshop.

When opportunity knocks on your door, do you ignore it, or are you a Whisktaker?

Group 1: Entrepreneurship

We strongly believe in the importance of creating a positive impact on the world through creating our own businesses.

We learned and got to practice many of the important skills and insights that people need to create successful businesses.

Jack Oung Malaysia

"Success is different for everyone, for my team and I, working for a cause we believe in by creating something powerful in the market is how we will achieve success. The path of entrepreneurship requires great flexibility and brings different demands from us each day. We have to operate in many different roles in our own organisations and collaboration is a powerful way to help access and develop this diversity of skills needed to build your own business.

During this leadership program I was able to launch my own startup business, it was the culmination of many months of planning. I developed the focus and clarity during this program to go out and launch, now I I am starting to see the rewards of my business ideas having become real."


Group 2: Communications

In this leadership group we focused on how we could become better communicators.

At the end we not only became better communicators, but powerful and confident communicators.

Raymond Tran Vietnam

"I believe that no dream is ever successfully chased alone, this program has reaffirmed to me that working with people to achieve is inevitable, and powerful. You will eventually working in a team or networking to develop your own team, communication and leadership skills play an extremely important role in that. Being with Hoodic (Peer Camp), we got many opportunities to learn and practice effectively in situations exactly like what we'll be doing in our careers and business.

As a member of one of the student leadership groups, I'm very excited to share some of the most valuable experiences with you. Please join us to obtain a very practical insight about your communication because no matter what we all do, we are all in business with people"


Group 3: Volunteering

We knew that a lack of local experience can make finding a job harder, we wanted to learn how to gain experience that will help us find local jobs.

We learned about using the power of volunteering to ensure that it linked to our job application strategies. With so many "opportunities" to volunteer, we learned how to pick those that would allow us to get ahead.

Tessie Wang China

"As an international student who wants to start a career in Australia, I quickly realised I need to focus on more than just on completing my exams, but also gaining local experience to help me learn important workplace culture and skills. I volunteered a lot during my study.

We learned even more about volunteering, now I am much more confident in ensuring the time I spend volunteering for anything is time spent well. I learned about the importance of knowing how to identify the best volunteering opportunities that will help me get ahead.

In this leadership program, my team and I have learned some important skills that are easily transferable to any discipline and we really understand the importance of developing them before you graduate.

We are excited to share these learning and insights with you in the conference."


Group 4: Networking

We learned how to develop a professional network to help us achieve our goals, we realise that a university degree will not be enough.

We learned how to develop powerful contacts in business so that when opportunities arise, we know how to reach out and explore them with confidence and appeal.

Chintan Pathak India

"When I arrived in Australia at the beginning of my studies, my professional network was still back home in India. I arrived to pursue a new career in a new country with no professional network. Something the Hoodic (Peer Camp) communications and leadership programs helped me realise was just how important a professional network is to everyone who wants a job in anything related to their career. This program has helped me create value to my professional network, and it's also enabled me to work in businesses I never would have worked in otherwise.

We're looking forward to sharing some of the techniques we learned about professional networking and also how we've used them to get ourselves ahead in our Australian futures."


Venue and Time

Saturday, 24th February 2018 (9am - 3pm) 
Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC)
5a Hartnett Close Mulgrave 3170 Victoria
Danielle Storey CEO, Eastern Innovation Business Centre

"International Students benefit Australia in so many ways. Their global perspective can help help savvy businesses work better internationally. The team at Hoodic have enhanced the professional and practical skills of these students and have connected them with a host of opportunities to showcase their abilities, and to help other students thrive. Industry and Australia wins as a result."


Zaheer Qazi Syed National Welfare Officer at Council of International Students Australia

"Hoodic (Peer Camp) provides excellent communication and leadership programs that support international students to succeed in their job hunting and gain a rewarding career. With a valuable diversity of understanding and experience from their international and local backgrounds, Silva and Stephen are helping students accelerate their job prospects and professional growth in ways previously not believed to be possible.


Yan Gorrie Career Program Coordinator, Global Business College of Australia

"Silva and Stephen really understand the needs of international students and the barriers that they encounter. Their programs help students go through the transition from university to workplace with more confidence and more realistic expectations. The collaboration between GBCA and Hoodic will get our students prepared to the workforce.”


Chewy Fang Student Engagement Officer, Melbourne Polytechnic

"Through the workshops I can see how the power of important professional skills inspire greater performance and potential amongst international students. Silva and Stephen both good were at leading, facilitating and getting the best out of everyone. They was engaging, motivating and encouraging.


Su Htet Zaw Victorian International Student of the Year - 2017

"We got great support and guidance from this leadership program! After meeting industry people, I can definitely say that Hoodic(Peer Camp) is a really resourceful place which can help make all motivated international students be successful in their future endeavours. Thanks a lot Silva and Stephen, you guys are really amazing and best mentors who really think about the welfare of international students like parents"


Giulia Guasco President, Deakin Graduate Business Society

"This leadership program provides a rich development experience with long-lasting benefits for potential and current leaders. Students are involved in interactive activities which help them to gain insights and confidence of the Australian workplace. Now I am much more confident as a young professional about how I will achieve my success”


Andrea Mayorga President, Melbourne Polytechnic International students Association

"Hoodic has delivered excellent programs to support and develop International students’ experience in Australia. I am very glad to be a part of this amazing family with people full of dreams and abilities that are helping me to discover my personal and professional strengths. Stephen and Silva, many thanks for your great work and belief in us, you are empowering us to be the future change makers like you always say”


Step up and make the most of Australia

  • Remove the pressure of time from PR requirements, learn how to get a job faster
  • Learn where your skill gaps are now so you can save time, before its too late
  • Learn how to overcome the challenged faced by a lack of local experience
  • Become more resilient, Learn how to build local career support that's genuine and high quality
  • Learn how to greatly reduce your job competition by understanding how to build quality connections

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