How Chintan combined his technical and business skills to become a powerful negotiator

Working as an electrical engineer on power station construction projects helped Chintan develop a skill for seeing and managing important commercial issues hidden within complex technical detail

Chintan studied engineering in India and worked in an electrical engineering job as project manager and coordinator before he graduated. He worked there for 5 years with his main role being to construct a power plant. After that, he chose to study in Australia and enrolled into an MBA program.

Plenty of new challenges

He found the theory he was learning in his MBA interesting and wanted to see how he’d be able to build on top of his previous experience as an electrical engineer in India. Initially working at a pizza shop, he wasn’t sure how he’d actually get career related experience in Australia. He didn’t enjoy the job at the pizza shop, but it taught him many useful skills, some specific to Australia, many which he’s since learned how to apply into his overall professional skill set.

When Chintan started applying for professional jobs in Australia, he struggled and generally got two kinds of response, he didn’t have any local experience or that he was overqualified. He felt like being stuck in limbo between two things he couldn’t escape from.

Chintan started in one of Hoodic’s programs, this one focussed on communication skills. He started to learn about Australian work culture and how it would impact his professional career here. Issues about communication started to make more sense and come together in his mind. After this he went on to complete Hoodic’s Student Leadership program.

“Hoodic has helped me describe my work experience in more meaningful ways that employers are actually more engaged and even excited by. This has been especially helpful as I’ve tried to ‘translate’ my Indian experience, which I have lots of, into an Australian workplace context so that employers want to hire me.”

The power of transferable skills

Chintan was required to ensure that the raw materials he was negotiating to purchase were being supplied at a quality which would not negatively impact existing production processes. He did that and even saved $5,700 USD/Month

Chintan learned about transferrable skills and also how to powerfully apply them into many more areas which he thought possible. This was very important for his first career related job, one which came out of a connection he made through Hoodic. He started working at a startup company which recycles a material that one industry treats as waste. They turn it into a valuable product that another market needs plenty of. Chintan was able to show his employer that he’s actually a powerful negotiator. They needed to purchase a raw material at a certain price and to various quality specifications. Too costly would make the venture non viable, and wrong specifications would damage the production machinery.

With his newly developed communication skills and his existing technical background, Chintan now knew how to combine these in ways that businesses value. This was a powerful achievement.

He was able to understand many of the important details which would ensure the integrity of the production processes and prevent damage from the wrong materials being processed. Chintan found himself applying his thinking and communication skills between technical and commercial matters. This is a task that not many can do well.

Simple detail is hard to do

Have you ever had a computer expert try to explain something to you in a simple way? It can be often be hard to understand, this that difficult communication that Chintan has recently started to master.

As a result of Chintan’s efforts, he has able to save $5,700 USD per month in the supply of this important raw material. He also made sure it was appropriate for the production process so it didn’t damage anything.

Good at moving between the big picture and the small detail. Chintan is using that skill to ensure that processes being developed around operations are supporting the high level outcomes that management is seeking to achieve in their organisations.

Chintan has become a powerful ally for anyone who needs detail worked through carefully but communicated in a simple way. He’s also much more confident and capable at negotiating, especially in commercial situations. He’s developed a firm understanding of how businesses can implement innovation in, a way that’s commercially viable and operationally acceptable.

How to show the value of being unique

One thing Chintan believes the Hoodic programs have taught him is how to show the value of capabilities you have that employers would not commonly expect from graduates. This is a dramatic improvement of his situation when he was constantly being told he was overqualified. This is important because remember Chintan has had many of these skills before he came to Australia, it’s just that now he knows how to show the value of combining them with his newly studied skills.

This strong start to his new career is an important example of what Chintan is now capable of and parts of his story are true for many international students who come to study in Australia while also changing careers.

If you’d like to know how developing your communication skills the right way can also help you unlock opportunities you didn’t think were possible, there is an opportunity for you.

On Saturday 24th February, Chintan and several other student leaders will be sharing what they learned about communication and how it helped them. Then they’ll teach you how you’re able to use those same skills to go out there and achieve your dreams.