How Jack achieved what he didn’t know was possible

Jack Oung is originally from Malaysia. He chose Australia over the UK to study for his university because of the warmer weather. Jack studied Business with a major in Accounting and also Banking and Finance. He studied accounting because those skills would help him build healthy business of his own. It would also give him a chance to work in consulting and further build his skills. There has been something missing from Jack’s learning however.

Always been keen

Speak Up: Jack has always been a motivated communicator

“I was always interested in starting a business, but didn’t know where to start as I wasn’t taught the important entrepreneurial skills”. Jack wanted to obtain the knowledge and confidence about entrepreneurship so he could make the most of when he launched.

Jack started in Hoodic’s half-day workshops where he developed important communication skills. It was basically the next day that Jack was able to apply these to his start-up goals and take several steps toward launching. He became much more confident and able to communicate with stakeholders related to his business. After having a number of successful business and professional meetings, Jack knew that he was making progress. He also needed to learn more and have it applied in a way that was relevant to him.

Jack went on to join Hoodic’s leadership program. The program involved being introduced to business leaders who were able to give him the right advice about how he could develop his entrepreneurial desires further. His confidence went right up and he suddenly realised so many of the things he initially thought weren’t possible were in fact possible because now he knew how to achieve them.

Time to level up

Tackling new challenges: Jack will be travelling to Malaysia to run an international conference in August 2018

Jack began to better understand what was expected in terms of professionalism, from simple things like how to introduce yourself to someone you might want to do business with, to how to make the most of the professional relationships you have. This applies equally in wanting to do business with someone or wanting to work on their team.


Since the leadership program started, Jack’s confidence has grown dramatically. He has launched his own business in the retail sector and is now planning an international conference called The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) which will run later this year in Malaysia.

Dream big, then make them come true

Jack’s personal and professional growth has been amazing. He started as a student with some simple but big dreams and goals. Jack knew that there must be some way he could learn the things he needed, to help him get where he wanted to be. Jack has been able to develop the skills he needs. He’s also developed some he didn’t even know he’d need but that have helped him significantly.

Maybe you have wanted to understand how entrepreneurial skills can help you achieve your professional and job searching goals? Get in contact with us and find out how you’re able to use those same skills to go out there and achieve your dreams.