How to be completely honest with yourself

How to be completely honest with yourself

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Nick Tooth made some early career decisions which showed him he wasn’t ready. They put him through a process of rapid personal growth, and now he’s come to try again.

Nick is a student with a unique set of life experiences. He’s used these to add a valuable perspective to his career journey, one that he’s passionate about. This passion came not just from those life experiences in their own right, but the perspective he decided to have about them. You might find it challenging to get to this point, but Nick would encourage you to keep trying until they succeed at it. When you do, the confidence you’ll have about your career path will be invaluable.

Like many people studying a particular discipline, Nick wasn’t ready to become too specialised.  He’s not afraid of making large decisions, it’s just from what he’s learned from his own personal experiences, he’s not ready to make some decisions just yet. There are some parts of ourselves which take major life events to help us discover, Nick has gone through some of those. He’s happy to be where he is and said “I’ll see what I think as I go along”, he knows he needs to find more of his professional self and he’s not going to rush it. He’s very aware that forcing himself through a process he’s not ready for isn’t going to work, it didn’t before and wouldn’t now.

Study to be done, but fun to be had

Nick started nursing studies right out of school, he was very clear this was going to become his vocation, not just a career choice. He faced similar challenges many of us face to some degree, not being able to interpret the future career drive and passion into schoolwork and attendance. There was fun to be had, and Nick’s maturity wasn’t ready. Because of this, maturity became a key missing link between the things his study needed from him and what he gave in to it return. His desire to have fun became extremely strong, and he constantly faced the problem of “too much week at the end of the money”. He was working, but it wasn’t enough cashflow to keep him afloat, and he thought he was entitled to more because he was studying. Personal energy and financial sustainability issues set in, and while he was relying heavily on his parents for support in staving these issues off, things started to break. Nick wasn’t ready for the realities of life and eventually his engagement with study failed, he dropped out of study and made another massive discovery about the consequences of his personal choices.

Blind energy does not work

Before he dropped out of his study, he was in work placements, where he was only meant to do 7 hour shifts. He would do huge hours and try to throw “blind energy” at his shifts thinking that this was an adequate makeup for his disengagement with the other parts of his study. In a nursing care like environment, like any other professional environment, this kind of imbalanced approach does not work, nor is it appropriate. This was discovery was not one Nick was able to avoid either.

Things became all too hard for Nick, he wanted to go out, drink with friends, party and chase girls. He was coping with this dysfunction by becoming one who was all about experience, even though he had no financial means. There was no notion of future in any of his thinking at this time, he didn’t look forward or plan anything, but this was not an issue. The idea of tomorrow might have been there, but for Nick it simply didn’t matter. Nick explained he knew how to think about tomorrow, but he just wasn’t motivated to. Any time Nick actually put in for future things was forced by deadlines, commitments and overdues, there were plenty of all those things. It took a while before this lifestyle of partying and fun came to any form of end, but this did happen, and what landed, hit him hard.

To be continued…

  • Can you think of your biggest life experience and how it changed you?
  • How do you cope with constantly falling down?

In the next article, Nick shares how some major changes in his life both challenged him enormously, and also helped strengthen his resolve to stay at it.

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