Insight Session Highlights – How to get a job after (or before) you graduate

Job hunting can sometimes be stressful, but there is also lots you can do to make it easier and more effective, even if you are under lots of workload from your study.

We had a great session and covered a number of useful tips about how to secure a career related job more easily.

Some of our guests were working in career related areas already, and some were working in unrelated areas and said they had “just some job for the cash”.

How a “crappy job” can be valuable

We talked about how you can use the work you’re doing in any job, even “just some job” to build up your professional experience so that it’s much easier to find a career related job.

Many students work in jobs like hospitality and retail, just like some of our guests did, so we identified about how those jobs can actually help you build critical professional skills that will be needed in any career.

We also learned some tips on how to make good first impressions with anyone you meet, this is an important part of meeting professionals at networking events and job interviews.

Understanding why someone would give you a job

Understanding why someone would choose to do business with you or want to give you a job is a pretty high priority for those of you near graduation(or even before). We talked about some things to be aware of to make the most of the people you meet and help them see opportunities to help you.

After the exam period this year, many people will be trying to find work, either because they have completed their studies completely, or to make use of the holiday period.

What did you miss?

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