Increase in these skills being required by Australian employers between 2012 and 2015[1].

  • Critical thinking:  158%
  • Creativity:  65%
  • Organisational skills:  44%
  • Presentation skills:  25%
  • Problem solving:  26%

Communication Skills

The most important skills for 48% of graduate employers[2] are communication skills. You'll develop these skills in a way that's highly relevant to professional work environments.


You will gain leadership skills and qualities to stand out from the crowd, which 44% of managers agree graduates don’t have[3].


Many opportunities are created by professional networking. You will access a network of industry, Australian businesses and your peers.

Learn Directly from Industry Leaders

We understand that the best teacher is practical experience, so the most valuable way for you to learn practical leadership skills is from those who are leaders in their field.

This program will give you an opportunity to identify areas you want to learn about and then we'll match you with industry leaders who can share insight in those areas.

You will gain the keys to success in the field you choose.

Our Success Stories

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Tessie Wang China

Tessie secured her permanent role in Supply Chain after two months of gradation, without a PR.

Read Tessie's Story

Chintan Pathak India

Chintan secured a role as Operations Manager and turned being an international student to his advantage.

Read Chintan's Story

Yu Wu China

Yu managed to pass a 3 stage interview process with a practical test and is now working as a Business Analyst in a global supply chain company.

Read Yu's Story

Jack Oung Malaysia

Jack started his own business and continue to use his entrepreneurial skills from the leadership program to boost his career.

Read Jack's Story

Raymond Tran Vietnam

Using the skills which Hoodic helped him develop, Raymond found a job as a coding instructor, now he's teaching our next generation important coding skills.

Read Raymond's Story

Yankee China

The skills Yankee developed helped him greatly with his job hunting, he has since been hired by a leading university to work in leading their student engagement activities.

Read Yankee's Story

This program is designed to challenge and push you outside your comfort zone into a place where you can grow into a powerful communicator and leader.
This program will allow you to stand out as an example of success to your peers so that you can feel confident, proud and be inspired by what’s possible.

Program Outline & Schedule


  • Develop the confidence to engage directly with Australian business owners.

  • Meeting Australian business owners in the professional field that you are interested.

  • Understand what those businesses think the keys to success are.

  • Develop your ability to influence business decision makers.

Other collaborative activities

  • Online collaboration
  • Learning support

The leadership program is conducted across multiple half day workshops where you will build upon your knowledge and help you identify your personal leadership strengths.

Learning Areas

  • Pitching
    • Apply your communications skills.
    • Learn how to represent and justify your ideas to gain support.
  • Discovery
    • Connect you with the local businesses in different industry sectors.
    • Work with and interview real businesses to learn how to achieve professional success.
  • Analysis
    • Identify issues that appear in professional environments.
    • Analyse business interviews to find common issues.
  • Collaboration
    • Work with peers from different professions.
    • Reflect and further your knowledge of teamwork and common issues.
    • Gain the confidence to share your opinion and insight.
Sunday 8th April

9am - 1pm

Pitching workshop

  • Why pitching is important
  • How to pitch and pitching template
  • Come up with your own pitch
  • How to develop a call to action
  • Pitching practice

Sunday 15th April

9am - 1pm

Discovery workshop

  • Grouping for industry sectors
  • How to get the best insights from businesses
  • Prepare for discussion with businesses
  • How to demonstrate a hungry mind with humility
  • Reverse interview practice

Sunday 29th April

9am - 1pm

Analysis workshop

  • Outline the insights from businesses you’ve interviewed
  • Reflect on any surprises and what that means for you
  • Identifying and understanding similarities and differences from businesses
  • Using critical thinking to better understand businesses
  • Identify what actions to take based on your gained knowledge

Sunday 6th May

9am - 1pm

Collaboration workshop

  • How to challenge others’ thinking and allow your own to be challenged
  • Identify common patterns that are coming back from the businesses
  • How to work more effectively with people from other professions
  • Develop your presentation skills based on your own personal style
  • How to facilitate engaging group discussions

Venue & Address

Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC)
5a Hartnett Close Mulgrave 3170 Victoria

We help you become leaders

Su Htet Zaw Victorian International Student of the Year - 2017

"We got great support and guidance from this leadership program! After meeting industry people, I can definitely say that Hoodic is a really resourceful place which can help make all motivated international students be successful in their future endeavours. Thanks a lot Silva and Stephen, you guys are really amazing and best mentors who really think about the welfare of international students like parents"


Andrea Mayorga President, Melbourne Polytechnic International students Association

"Hoodic has delivered excellent programs to support and develop International students’ experience in Australia. I am very glad to be a part of this amazing family with people full of dreams and abilities that are helping me to discover my personal and professional strengths. Stephen and Silva, many thanks for your great work and belief in us, you are empowering us to be the future change makers like you always say”


Jose Villarreal-Diaz Super Host, International Students Services, La Trobe University

"Understanding other people, that’s leadership. After a long process with Hoodic, I understood that all I need to do is listening. Creativity and curiosity also take place as complementary disciplines making leadership a normal part of what I aim for now. My life as a scientist and musician was very well supported by all the training received from Hoodic. This program is an amazing initiative that should be expanded to help more international students to improve themselves as professionals and as individuals. Thank you, Silva and Stephen, for all you have done for me and all the fortunate students part of Hoodic."


Giulia Guasco President, Deakin Graduate Business Society

"This leadership program provides a rich development experience with long-lasting benefits for potential and current leaders. Students are involved in interactive activities which help them to gain insights and confidence of the Australian workplace. Now I am much more confident as a young professional about how I will achieve my success”


Get a free ticket to our most popular half-day workshop. Valued at $50

  • This leadership program is designed to build up on your existing skills to help you become a leader.
  • As part of our commitment to supporting that, we'll give you a free ticket to our communication skills workshop when you enrol in this leadership program.
  • No matter how much experience you start the leadership program with, we'll make sure you come out of it with the skills that will make you stand out from the crowd amongst employers.

Organisation Endorsements

Danielle Storey CEO, Eastern Innovation Business Centre

"International Students benefit Australia in so many ways. Their global perspective can help help savvy businesses work better internationally. The team at Hoodic have enhanced the professional and practical skills of these students and have connected them with a host of opportunities to showcase their abilities, and to help other students thrive. Industry and Australia wins as a result."


Zaheer Qazi Syed National Welfare Officer at Council of International Students Australia

"Hoodic provides excellent communication and leadership programs that support international students to succeed in their job hunting and gain a rewarding career. With a valuable diversity of understanding and experience from their international and local backgrounds, Silva and Stephen are helping students accelerate their job prospects and professional growth in ways previously not believed to be possible.


Yan Gorrie Career Program Coordinator, Global Business College of Australia

"Silva and Stephen really understand the needs of international students and the barriers that they encounter. Their programs help students go through the transition from university to workplace with more confidence and more realistic expectations. The collaboration between GBCA and Hoodic will get our students prepared to the workforce.”


Chewy Fang Student Engagement Officer, Melbourne Polytechnic

"Through the workshops I can see how the power of important professional skills inspire greater performance and potential amongst international students. Silva and Stephen both good were at leading, facilitating and getting the best out of everyone. They was engaging, motivating and encouraging.


Are You Ready To Lead?

4 half day leadership workshops
Leadership project
Meeting Australian businesses
Certificate of completion
Includes communication skills workshop ticket (valued $50)


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