Program Outline

What you get

  • Meet Australian industry leaders from the professional fields you are interested in.
  • Learn exactly how to engage and negotiate in a professional manner.
  • Learn what people with minimum 5 years of experience believe the keys to success are.
  • Learn how to influence people more senior and experienced than you.


You'll learn by getting out there and doing

You'll be given all the problems and challenged to find the answers yourself. You'll be supported the whole way so that you can develop the ability to gain the answers yourself.

This program is conducted across multiple weeks to help you identify your own personal strengths and enable you to participate in the leadership challenge you'll be working on.

You will be challenged

Leadership Challenge

  • You'll be given tasks and challenges which will require you to act and make decisions like a leader.
  • The best way to learn is to do, and so you'll need to raise your skill levels in order to overcome these challenges.

You'll be given realistic challenges that are exactly like the most common ones you'll face in the workforce.

Throughout the program

Learning Support

  • We know how important the right support is to help you understand what you need in order to overcome the problems you'll be faced with.
  • We will to support you in such a way that when you're faced with these same problems in the workforce, you will have developed the skills to tackle much of this without the need for support.

You'll be provided as much support as you need to help you succeed through this program, your job and career.


  • This session is designed to help you build your confidence and understanding of persuasion. Whether you're in a job interview or you need budget to do an important project, pitching is key to enabling it.
  • You'll understand the key issues at play when you're pitching and how to ensure that the person you're pitching to is able to see why they should support you.
  • You'll learn how this skill will be able to help you in your professional life from day one.

There are some people we all know who are very good at getting what they want, and they aren't pushy or unpleasant, this is where you will learn how to do that.


  • You'll develop an understanding of how to stand out as a powerful communicator and know how to find out what you want to.
  • This topic will teach you how to handle situations whenever you come across things in your job which you don't understand, you need to know how to address that gap quickly.
  • You'll learn to help others focus on your potential rather than the experience you might not have yet, simply by using questions.

You may know those who can walk into any situation and find out the information they need, you will learn this here.


  • Whether a prospective employer or even a customer, you'll learn how to work out and understand what's really important in an organisation.
  • This will help you know how to articulate yourself in a way that will make it easy for people to see the value you add.
  • By knowing how to understand professionals and organisations better, you'll know how to stakeholders want to listen to you because your value will be clear.

Some people are able to enter a situation and just make sense of it quickly by figuring out what's most important. This is where you will learn that.


  • The ultimate way to make people want to have you on their team is to make it easy for them to see how well you'll work with others. This is easier said than done.
  • You'll learn how to show this capability in you in a way that it's easy for people to see that they'd want you on their teams.
  • You'll develop an understanding of what effective teams are characterised by, and how you can be a leader no matter what your job title or rank.
  • There are many people who have easily entered and moved up within organisations, you can learn what they did and how you can too.

There are many people who have easily entered and moved up within organisations, you can learn what they did and how you can too.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Program Application

We will have regular group learning sessions and meetings throughout this 5 weeks leadership project.
The purpose of having these sessions and meetings is to work in a team and move the project forward.
All group session locations and times will vary and are based on what we arrange as a team.
 5 weeks Leadership project
 Regular group learning sessions
 Meeting industry leaders
 Job readiness support
 Certificate of completion

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