Aayoush Sharma was studying mechanical engineering and after only recently moving to Melbourne. He’s a driven and focused student with a range of jobs in different areas, but none of them were relevant to his desired career areas or Mechanical Engineering and IT.

Aayoush was very motivated, but didn’t know how to apply it into the particular market he was trying to get into and was unable to have meaningful career related discussions with those who could help him move forward.

After completing Hoodic’s employability program, Aayoush was able to learn and begin to master several key practical business communication skills that he never learned in class. He is much more confident in reaching out to experienced industry professionals and is able to impress IT managers with his newly established practical knowledge.

  • Studied Mechanical Engineering
  • Desired Job Role in IT
  • Biggest Challenge Lack of professional communication skills
  • Biggest Acheivement Able to impress IT managers with his communication skills