As Australia’s premier professional association for Information Technology (IT) professionals, Australian Computer Society (ACS) places equal importance on existing and new entrants to the industry.

ACS runs a series of Young Professionals events which are designed to inspire and educate entrants to the industry about what they can do to build and maintain a successful career.

Hoodic developed and provided a highly practical seminar on the key steps that can create a successful career in an industry that places a heavy emphasis on balancing the needs of technology and people.

Feedback was strongly positive, with a significant number of participants expressing how helpful they found the session, and an invitation from ACS to provide another seminar at another Young Professionals event.

  • Purpose Supporting the Young Professionals series of events
  • Deliverables Custom developed seminar on entry into IT industry
  • Outcomes Significant engagement after the seminar about how participants could continue their progress
  • Feedback Positive from ACS and participants