Ersi Terolli studied accounting and finance in Melbourne and had always been a highly engaged student who was keen to build her knowledge of key professional issues.

Despite Ersi’s high level of engagement, she faced her major struggle in the form of having no professional connections in Australia. After enrolling in Hoodic’s employability program, many of her challenges began to turn around. She was supported in understanding how to build her own professional connections and also learned how to showcase her existing skills so that employers would be able to see the value of having her on their teams.

Ersi has secured a job working to support international students at her university. This has helped take some financial pressure away and allowed her to better develop her skills in a way that’s most relevant to her future career plans.

  • Studied Accounting and Finance
  • Desired Job Role in Accounting
  • Biggest Challenge No professional connections
  • Biggest Acheivement Secured job while studying