Put your communication skills to the test

Communication skills cover much more than just communicating with your peers

Communication skills are vital to our daily lives, but we can often take them for granted. It comes in many different forms, however the most basic and commonly used form of communication is verbal communication. Verbal communication helps other people understand us, and it helps us understand other people.

  • It might be simple to describe communication, but it is hard to truly master it.

Benefits of having great communication skills

Communication is an asset and a powerful tool that can be used to your advantage. Great communication can persuade and motivate people, it can capture attention and allow you to build valuable relationships. Having strong communication skills can give you ability to effectively voice your thoughts and ideas as well as help you show off your personality. Why is this important?

  • Your communication skills can set you apart from the crowd.
Listening is also a major part of effective and powerful communication

Australia is a diverse and multicultural country with people coming from many cities, towns and villages around the world, this means you are likely to meet someone with a completely different background to you each day.

Having great communication skills will allow you to effectively communicate and connect with them. It allows you to break any barriers that may be perceived from your differences. This is powerful, because it can eliminate misunderstanding and help you to build long-lasting relationships. These skills will help you create a network of supportive people that you can surround yourself with. It’s important to have a network of friends, and it’s also important to have a network of professional peers, this is where your best career opportunities will come from.

Employers want you for your communication skills

The chances of your being hired will be closely related to your communication skills.

Communications are fundamental across a range of different workplaces and are skills that are desired by all employers. A successful organisation starts internally with a strong team of employees who effectively work well together. A strong contributing factor of this is their ability to communicate well with each other. Employers will be attracted to you when they see you can communicate, it will give them the confidence that you will be able to perform well within the organisation and work well with diverse people.

How you can improve your communication skills

Regardless whether you’re a seasoned communicator or not,  you can always improve and build on your communication skills. Knowing your weak areas and working towards strengthening them by setting goals can help you boost your overall professional effectiveness and help you become more versatile in the professional workplace. Here are 3 things you can do to improve your communication with others.

Listen more

Ask yourself this simple question. “Am I listening to understand or listening to respond?” If you’re doing the latter, then your listening needs to improve.

Project confidence

When you speak, do you look like you believe in what you’re saying? If you’re showing confidence, and you feel comfortable speaking like that, then others will take what you say more seriously. If you’re uncomfortable showing confidence, then keep practising until you’re feeling comfortable because if you don’t believe in your ideas, no one else will (except maybe your parents).

Think about the other person’s perspective

This might not seem like a communication skill, but it will add a lot to your ability to communication with others. People communicate by creating connection, so the more you genuinely understand the other person, the more you’re able to connect with them and share an understanding on a topic or issue.

What next?

There are always more things you can do to communication more effectively, but all the lists of clever strategies in the world aren’t going to mean a shred of difference unless they are practised. All you need to do now is to get out there and practice, then practice some more.