What does public speaking and a job interview have in common?

You’re having an important conversation

An important conversation is not something to be scared of, it’s something to know how to prepare for.

You are forced to be able to have important conversations, and this is a good thing.

Public speaking is an important conversation because if you get it right, you’ll have successfully delivered a powerful presentation to the audience. This can also yield you other benefits from having opportunities to meet with influencers and others that can help you. Of all the people I’ve spoken to, most people enjoy the fact that they often have people come up to them at the end of a presentation and are keen to discuss something with them. Put simply, public speaking opens up opportunities that are often positive and unexpected. This has certainly been my experience, especially if I’m clearly passionate about what I’m presenting on.

Job interviews are also important conversations. The format of job interviews might be quite different to a speech, but the importance is still there. If you’re successfully able to articulate yourself in a job interview, you’ll have a much better chance of getting further in the application process. Your performance in the interview might just win you the job.

You’re appearing confident

Knowing how to appear confident in yourself is an important attribute.

You need to appear confident while you’re presenting, either to a crowd or in an interview.

Appearing confident on stage has some major benefits. It helps you appear, and be in control of yourself and your circumstances. This has a huge impact on the audience as you’re delivering something. You appearing in control helps keep them focussed on your presentation and not some irrelevant thing that might happen in your presentation. For example, if the audio system breaks down. If you have enough volume to be heard by people anyway, you don’t necessarily need to let this hurt your confidence and in turn your presentation.

Appearing confident in a job interview is one of the major things the interviewer will be looking for. If you don’t look like you believe in yourself, why would an employer believe in you either? Appearing confident is a great way to warm up the conversation so that the interviewer relaxes a bit. This helps you have a more pleasant interview conversation. If the interviewer relaxes a bit, it’s highly likely that you will too.

Bonus for job interviews

Appearing confident, when you’re not actually feeling confident will also help your ability to persuade people. If you can appear confident when you’re nervous, you’ll be the kind of person someone like your employer will think of when they have challenging situations that come up. This means you’ll be more likely to become an important member of the team. This is what you want them imagining about you when you’re being interviewed.

You’re mastering your verbal communication

Mastering your verbal communications will help you know what to say in challenging situations.

Mastery of verbal communication is more than just knowing how to talk.

It’s knowing how to talk in a wide range of situations with diverse groups of people. In public speaking, you have some degree of an idea about the people you’re presenting to. You need to use that understanding to get one or more messages across to them in your presentation. If you’re able to apply your communication style in a way that’s appropriate to the audience, you’ll usually have delivered a good presentation in the process.

Mastering your verbal communication in a job interview often means you’re able to appear articulate, intelligent and knowledgeable. This doesn’t mean you need to have all the answers, just that you need to be certain about how you’d respond to situations.

This Friday 15th June at the Study Melbourne Student Centre, we’re running a session on public speaking for your career.

This insight session is for you to learn how to:

  • Project confidence even when you’re not actually feeling confident
  • Use your body to speak for you
  • Create a clear and compelling message that will engage your audience

You’ll be able to understand how to improve your communication skills so you can secure the jobs you want.