You are never too good to be great #2

You are never too good to be great #2

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Every job counts

Ting had quite diverse job experiences in many industries. He started his career doing part-time jobs during his study in the university. In our meeting, he couldn’t stop addressing the attitude is the key to the success. It implied the huge difference between “you enjoy what you do” and “you hate doing them”. No matter what you do, first you need to set a positive attitude, to think what you can learn from what you do so as to contribute to your future endeavor. Then you will gradually discover the change. It might not obvious at the time you act on them, but they will show up eventually.

Every job counts. I asked Ting to point out one key learning that helped him find his passion.

This article is part of a series based on a conversation with Ting Cao. Have a read of the first article here if you missed it.

Year   Work Journey   Key Learning
2006   Laundry worker, Massagist  

  and Baker.

  •   Be diligence to earn and learn more
2007   Store Manager at Pizza hut
  •   Take responsibility.
2008   Dealer at Casino
  •   Don’t be greedy
2008   Sales team leader at ACN
  •   Start to see the possibility of life
2010   Cleaning business owner
  •   Entrepreneurship
2011   Toastmasters Vice President

  Leader role in BNI

  •   Communication and Networking that lead to his passion.
2013   Life Coach
  •   Impact others positively


Most of us try to pinpoint the so-called dream job as soon as possible. There is nothing wrong about that. But we might not consider the dream job won’t come into your sight after years’ endeavor. Before you can catch that opportunity, you need to prepare yourself and make every opportunity count.

Ting kept trying different jobs as he didn’t know what he was passionate about.  Those jobs might not form a skillful, long last, secured career path for him. However they contribute at certain level to his strong mindset of not giving up, soft skills, and keen eyes on ideas.

It is critical to think differently and stay positive no matter what job you are in. For instance, being a waiter does not just serve dishes, if you think it is a job as you get low paid, then you will be doing it unhappily. In contrast, you imagine if you were the owner of the restaurant, you will start to consider anything for the business? Optimise the processes, gaining more customers, reduce cost, better IT system and team etc. When you aren’t literally in that role doesn’t mean you cannot think and prepare for it. You could be in a better position than the management level to see what is right or wrong in operations. One day, you might be the owner. Or you might not, what you have learned setting yourself up as the owner in your mind will be carried to anything you do later. You will be who you want to be if you think and do as one right now.


Master in Toastmasters

Ting joined Toastmasters around 2009. He said this journey was life changing and he highly recommend to visit as a guest. Most people on their initial visit misunderstand it is a place where speakers gather and practice public speaking. However, it offers more than just that. Ting shared with me some of his key gains:

  • Overcome fear – think on your feet, speak in front of the crowd with confidence
  • Communication – learn to become an effective communicator
  • Leadership – think, act and be a leader with supportive surrounding
  • Networking – meeting the like-minded fellows from various backgrounds.

These skills are applicable to your personal and professional development, not just help you to achieve personal goals but also boost your employability.

After 3 years’ practice, Ting decided to take it to another level. In 2011. He became the vice president of the club and helped to run the committee. In the same year, Ting represented the Monash Club to compete in Toastmasters annual speaking contest and he won the first place on the area level and third place on division level. It wasn’t meant to be his achievement from day one, it was years’ effort of practice and the persistence.

Learning is not just in schools, go out there to join some communities that you are keen to inspire, learn and grow with the like-minded people.

Watch Ting’s winning speech at the division level:

6-06-2016 11-57-22 AM


To be continued…

Have you ever tried to answer below questions and thought about the powerful connection among your answers?

  • Who do you want to be as your goal?
  • What will you do to get to it?
  • What will you have as outcome?

In the next article, you will learn a powerful mindset that could change your life.

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