You don’t need to be a manager to lead

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Should you try to get the most out of the people you work with if you’re not the manager?

Whether you’ve been given authority on the team or not, simply taking initiative within the team to help it get it’s mission achieved is an opportunity to display your leadership skills.

  • Displaying your leadership skills will get you noticed by management.

Everyone wants to be special

In most good teams, there is a wide range of skills amongst the members.

If you’re able to gain a basic understanding of people’s strengths across the areas you’re working with, this is an opportunity for you to help them excel in their area of expertise. You’re effectively helping them show their best work off.

By allowing people to shine in their areas of strength, you’ll be helping the team by getting an aspect of the project done by someone is best suited and skilled for it to produce the best possible work.

Listen to everyone’s ideas

We all like our own ideas to be heard, too often we feel disappointed when they are rejected or modified a little before being used. The point of sharing ideas is to contribute towards a team’s objectives. When we have a diverse group of thinkers in the group, challenges to people’s ideas is likely.

It’s important to try to take whatever value people’s ideas have and use those best parts. The most important part about the idea is what it achieves. This results in everyone feeling happy that they’ve contributed and it’s allowed their ideas to become better with others’ input. If an idea was left unmodified only for it to face failure, then a change is the best thing.

It’s ok to disagree

Good teams are diverse in how their members think and are skilled. This diversity means that everyone in the group will view the world differently, and those multiple perspectives are what makes the team strong.

To disagree with someone is normal, it means your knowledge of the world allows you to see something different. It doesn’t mean you dislike or disrespect the other person, it has nothing to do with that and nobody should assume it does. By respectfully disagreeing with others, this can improve the quality of work being done, this results in possible problems being fixed early or even avoided completely, sometimes this can avoid disasters.

Not just a manager’s job

Leadership isn’t only necessary for a manager’s skillset, it’s simply the use of influence to help the group or team achieve something. The more you’re able to positively influence team members the more likely your membership on teams will become noticed and the more likely you’ll be invited to join them again.


  • Everyone has different skills and strengths, enabling each person in a team to shine is a powerful motivational force.
  • Sharing ideas isn’t a competition sport, even taking a small aspect of someone’s idea is a powerful way to show you believe they are important.
  • Disagreeing on things is not a sign of disrespect, if the person knows you respect them, they are more likely to see your disagreement as a just your commitment to the team’s success and not a critique of them.
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